Mystic River–Best 100 Mysteries Of All Time

  Mystic River—Dennis Lehane –2001–IP Dennis Lehane can write. No, that’s not a given for this list. Some books I love may not be written eloquently or in a compelling manner. Lehane does both, and far far more. “When Sean Devine and Jimmy Marcus were kids, their fathers worked together at the Coleman Candy plant … Read more

Mystery Writers Awards

Whoa! There are far more awards for writers of crime fiction than I realized. I thought I knew them all, even a rather low key one called the Hammett Prize. Uh, no. Apparently not. Some mystery writers awards are within a more general literary group, just one section.  I was unaware of  these and perhaps, … Read more

Fantastic New York Times Editorial on amazon Trickery

Richard Russo interviewed several best selling authors about the recent amazon trickery, and the results were comforting, at least. The authors, including, Scott Turow, Stephen King, and Dennis Lehane all found amazon’s tactics less than a stellar business practice. However, the comments to the article were typical in the ‘oh you elitists’ and ‘poor amazon’ … Read more

Hypermodern and the Selling of a New Author

One advantage of managing an independent bookstore, you meet many writers. Some established like Sara Paretsky, some real old timers like Dick Francis, some mid-list like Rhys Bowen, some best sellers, like James Patterson, and some brand spanking new faces on the scene. It was the new writers that at the time most occupied our … Read more

The Movie Was Better Than The Book

How many times can that be stated, I wonder? Naturally, it is assumed the opposite is true, that the book is sacred, and no cinematic representation can enhance it to the extent that the final result is more satisfying, or artistically superior than the original thoughts laid down on paper by the author. One of … Read more

Why Collect? Or What The Heck is Hypermodern?

Why collect books? Why indeed. I asked myself the same question in the bathtub, snapping the binding of the latest Sue Grafton. I love to read but why bother to keep the book (just more clutter) let alone get a signature, put mylar on the dust jacket and place it it on a book shelf? The … Read more

A Snippet of Book News–Nominee's for the Dilys Awards

Recently, the Independent Mystery Bookseller’s Association, or IMBA, announced the nominees for their annual award. The Dilys is named after Dilys Winn, the founder of the first crime fiction bookstore in the US–Murder Ink. There are zillions of awards out there but what makes this particularly interesting to booksellers is the award is given to … Read more