What Argument About Literature, Would Drive You To Violence?

A link from author Laura Lippman had me intrigued, so I clicked, and had a great gut laugh. Two men got into an argument ‘over literature’. The teeny article had no specifics as to what the argument entailed. Which got me thinking, what aspect of the literary world would I be so het up about, … Read more

Desecration, or Appropriate Sanitizing?

I checked out Banned Books Week’s facebook page, and found a link to this question-should literary classics be sanitized? In this time of political correctness, derogatory names and nasty words are forbidden in literature. You won’t see many novels calling ethnic groups slang names, or using the ‘n’ word, even if the character within the … Read more

I Married a Dead Man–The Book I Sold Zillions Of

I would start: Picture This! Yes, that emphatically, with exclamation point stressed, palms out, as if to stop traffic. I did. More than once. Some poor unsuspecting individual would ask the innocent question, “what would you recommend,” and that’s all  the encouragement I’d need. ‘I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille’. Lights, camera, action, … Read more

A Snippet of Book News–Nominee's for the Dilys Awards

Recently, the Independent Mystery Bookseller’s Association, or IMBA, announced the nominees for their annual award. The Dilys is named after Dilys Winn, the founder of the first crime fiction bookstore in the US–Murder Ink. There are zillions of awards out there but what makes this particularly interesting to booksellers is the award is given to … Read more