Inscribed Books–Which Stay? Which Go?

I’m in the midst of a dilemma. Something most books collectors get into sooner or later. Space. It’s not infinite. As much as I want to pretend I can house every book I have in my possession right now, and any that come in hereafter, physics tells me–it’s not possible. I don’t listen to physics … Read more

Stone Quarry. Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

  Stone Quarry— S. J. Rozan  1999-St. Martin’s Press-IP “It can be a treacherous road, State Route 30, especially rain slick in the twilight of late winter, but I know it well. I sped along its badly banked curves faster than legal and faster than necessary. I was heading for Antonelli’s; I had plenty of time. I drove … Read more

Why Collect? Or What The Heck is Hypermodern?

Why collect books? Why indeed. I asked myself the same question in the bathtub, snapping the binding of the latest Sue Grafton. I love to read but why bother to keep the book (just more clutter) let alone get a signature, put mylar on the dust jacket and place it it on a book shelf? The … Read more

Superb Look at Digital Book World Conference

Acclaimed award winning author, S. J. Rozan has written a summation of the issues discussed at the second conference held about the rapid takeover of the publishing industry by digital technology. Her factual reporting gives a clear picture of the goals and reality of e-publishing. Her personal thoughts are bracketed, separated to keep from confusing … Read more