Great Black Kanba–Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

Great Black Kanba—Constance and Gwynth Little–1944–IP The sisters were consistently hilarious. “Carolyn Hart (Grand Dame of cosy mystery writing) calls this tale of mistaken identity, barking lizards, multiple beaus and murder on a trans-Australia railroad trip one of her five favorite mysteries ” Great Black Kanba turns out to be my favorite of the bunch, … Read more

Goodreads Sells Their Soul To The Devil

I didn’t join Goodreads. Mostly because until recently I didn’t know what it was or what I would want to join for. Many authors and friends had suggested via facebook I should join, and that only made me less likely to do so, because I assumed it was another facebook game or oddity. When I … Read more

The Phantom Lady–Best 100 Mysteries Of All Time

The Phantom Lady  William Irish (Cornell Woolrich) 1942 IP I know you’re all thinking, ‘oh no, not HIM again!’ but yes, Woolrich again, and again, and again, because he was that good. I was going to write a review of  I Married a Dead Man until i realized I’d written an article about selling it, … Read more

The Jealous One–Best 100 Mystery Novels of All Time

The Jealous One—Celia Fremlin–1964  used. I wouldn’t leave the bathtub until I’d finished reading. I wouldn’t have a conversation with the husband, until the last chapters were gobbled up. I wouldn’t pay attention to anything else around me, even though I was at a pricey bed and breakfast for a two day romantic extravaganza. I … Read more

The Spider Orchid–Best 100 Mystery Novels of All Time–Runner Up

The Spider Orchid—Celia Fremlin–1977 –Used. I admit I originally had this on my Best 100 Mysteries of All Time list. I remember loving Ms. Fremlin, and thought this title was the best of what I read. But upon rereading this and another, I found I favored the other much more, so have switched this from … Read more

The Red Right Hand–Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

The Red Right Hand-–Joel Townsley Rogers–1945–used It’s almost impossible to describe The Red Right Hand. It’s kookie. Odd. Seemingly disjointed and nonsensical. It’s none of those things in the end, but it is something of a gigantic guffaw. Because you really need to set your suspension of  belief  at a very high level to believe … Read more

Mystic River–Best 100 Mysteries Of All Time

  Mystic River—Dennis Lehane –2001–IP Dennis Lehane can write. No, that’s not a given for this list. Some books I love may not be written eloquently or in a compelling manner. Lehane does both, and far far more. “When Sean Devine and Jimmy Marcus were kids, their fathers worked together at the Coleman Candy plant … Read more

Assassination Vacation

I thought the weird road-trips my husband and I went on were the end all be all of strange vacations. But Sarah Vowell unquestionably wins the dubious nonexistent prize as–Best Ghoulish, Yet Fascinating, Entertaining, and Educational Vacation. I finally finished reading her part political, part historical, part macabre, part travelogue, part opinion, part essay, part … Read more