Connecting with Fellow Book Lovers

How many times have you struck up a conversation in a bookstore? You’re standing there at the stacks of shelves and suddenly someone pulls a copy of a book you loved. In your overzealous book-loving nature, you exclaim “I Loved that Book!” Before you know it, two strangers who may have never exchanged words are … Read more

“Book” Is the Most Useful Word

Figurative expressions, also called “idioms,” have come into common usage in the English language, crop up regularly in reference to the word “book.” A phrase can even contain the actual meaning of “book” in some form. Related: What’s in a Book? But often, the word morphs into an entirely different thought than the original definition. … Read more

Books & Stuff, Shops Doing Well, Superheroes and More

Books & Stuff, Shops Doing Well, Superheroes and More UK Booksellers Association Cites Third Year of Gains in Stores The trade association for the UKs booksellers says that following 20 years of decline, its membership counts 890 member-stores. n an announcement today (January 10) from their offices in Londons Bell Yard, the Booksellers Association reports … Read more

All About Community

This past week Dianne and I got to attend the Hachette-NAIBA Open House in Manhattan. Peggy wasn’t able to attend since she was on vacation that had been planned for quite some time. There were many other independent booksellers in attendance from the region and it was helpful to hear their concerns, as well as … Read more

An introduction

Hello, Bookshop Blog readers! I am so pleased to share my journey towards opening a bookstore with you. Thanks to Bruce for having me! My name is Yooree Losordo, and I’m the owner of On the Dot Books in Dorchester, MA. Where exactly is my store? Let’s see…you can find me at the Ashmont Farmers Market on … Read more