The Historic Georgetown Rare Book Fair Has Returned to D.C

Last weekend, in Washington D.C, a historic fair was brought back onto the scene, one that book lovers and history fanatics alike are drawn to. On May 13-15 of this year, the Georgetown Rare Book Fair commenced for the first time since its last go back in 2019. The official website for the event beckons … Read more

Booksellers: A History & Homage

The story of published books from paper form to printed page dates back to ancient times. Worldwide, written words found their way onto scrolled manuscripts made of papyrus or parchment, their edges sometimes mounted onto rollers for ease of opening and closing. Innovations in upgraded paper and binding techniques followed. History Abridged: How Books and … Read more

Book Collecting Resources

Are you just getting started on your book collection or are you an avid collector that wants to make sure all the Ts are crossed? Having a collection of books on the topic of collecting books will add more than a couple layers of depth to your collection and to your peace of mind. I’ve … Read more

What will the word “book” mean to future generations?

by Jas Faulkner It might seem like a needless bit of sophistry to contemplate the evolution of the definition of  “book.”  We all know what makes up a book, right?  Say the word, “book” and the immediate association for most is still an aggregate of leaves bearing printed information, bound together with front and back … Read more