5 Things to Do in Your Favorite Bookshop on a Lazy Sunday

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8 Bookshops in New York That Your Inner Hipster Will Love

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6 Unusual Bookshops You Absolutely Have to See to Believe

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The Well-Stocked Book Shop

One of the more rewarding moments for booksellers is getting the perfect book to its perfect reader. Sometimes this can be done months before the book is actually released when the book buyer is pouring over the catalogues filled with hundreds or even thousands of titles from multiple publishers. Choosing the books for your store … Read more

5 After School Programs That Are Perfect for Your Local Bookshop

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Why Did Amazon Fail to Kill the Independent Bookstore Industry?

“Independent bookstores provide a story of hope for community-led businesses” – Ryan L. Raffaelli. In 1995, when Amazon appeared on the bookselling scene, analysts predicted that it was the doom of the independent bookselling industry. Indeed, there was a significant decline in the number of Independent bookstores across the USA. With Amazon offering a seemingly … Read more