They Buried a Man. Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

They Buried a Man   Mildred Davis 1953 –used Mildred Davis is the author I ‘discovered’ recently. Somehow I passed her by all these years. So, I read her Edgar Award winning first novel, and was not as impressed as I had thought I’d be–maybe too much expectation on my part, but there was a romantic attachment … Read more

Hypermodern and the Selling of a New Author

One advantage of managing an independent bookstore, you meet many writers. Some established like Sara Paretsky, some real old timers like Dick Francis, some mid-list like Rhys Bowen, some best sellers, like James Patterson, and some brand spanking new faces on the scene. It was the new writers that at the time most occupied our … Read more

New Hardboiled Suspense Novel From Jan Burke

Jan Burke, one of the rare women who have succeeded in the usually male world of hardboiled suspense novels, has a new title out–a sequel to her Edgar Award winning novel, Bones, and the tenth in the Irene Kelly series. I was first aware of Ms. Burke back in the 90s when then President Bill … Read more

Ghostwriting-And I Don't Mean Letters from Casper

There is a underground subset of authors who take on the job of writing for someone else, with no credit to show for it. They get paid for the privilege but that’s all. There have been quite a few throughout the years–most ‘celebrities’ have no talent for creating sentences, so turn to the publisher to … Read more