Join Us – Do You Own A Bookshop?

We are presently looking for 2 new Featured contributors. If you own or manage a small bookshop and would like to share some experiences/tips with our writers all while gaining a little exposure for your business – please consider joining The Bookshop Blog. We will expect the contributor to write 5 articles per month (original … Read more

With Physical Book Sales Declining, Foyles Takes a Leap of Faith

You might think that a hundred year old bookshop that has recently experienced 20% annual declines in sales would consider packing it in. With the tremendous acceleration in the growth of e-book sales, are most old established bookshops in peril? Instead of rolling over and playing dead, the venerable Foyle’s is moving into a beautiful new … Read more

The Love of Old Bookshops

a guest post by actress and novelist Elizabeth Housden   My earliest recollection of shopping with my mother when I was very small was to the local bookshop.  I learned to read very early, which is probably connected to my first remembrances and the only thing I spent my pocket money on was books.  I … Read more

They said WHAT? Not-so-funny Customer Comments

We’ve all had wide-eyed moments when we find ourselves thinking Really, did this person standing in front of me actually just say that?  And being the customer-focused, benefit-of-the-doubt-giving, gentle bookseller souls we are, we respond with a nod and a smile and keep our sarcastic comebacks to ourselves. The good news is I wanted to … Read more

Auld Lang Sign of the Times

by Jas Faulkner The last meeting of the Central Avenue Readers Group did not happen in the usual place. There was no collection of chairs gathered from throughout the store and placed in a circle near the big front window of Central Avenue Books. There was no dimming of the lights throughout the stacks, a … Read more