Atticus Revisited


to kill a

by Jas Faulkner

Where there used to be lots of chatter and lots of speculation with just enough nuggets of truth to keep people listening and wondering, now there are memes. Whenever something big happens, there are always quotes pulled from primary sources closest to the event, movies, TV shows, and yes, books.  There is a sameness to this.  We expect to hear from the heroes and the villains who are directly involved  and the pop culture voices that seem to have some ancillary connection and it all starts to run together in a big, colorful, smeary heartfelt collage of words in boxes. 

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The Movie Was Better Than The Book

How many times can that be stated, I wonder? Naturally, it is assumed the opposite is true, that the book is sacred, and no cinematic representation can enhance it to the extent that the final result is more satisfying, or artistically superior than the original thoughts laid down on paper by the author. One of … Read more

The Best Books Of All Time

I asked myself, what does that mean? The best books of all time? Best fiction? Best nonfiction? Both? From what time frame–the beginning of time–do cave drawings count? Books–are plays included, how about poems, religious tomes, children’s books, what languages, the questions were endless, with no definitive answer. The lists I saw ranged from strict … Read more