James Patterson Books Chronological Order

(updated January 2020) James Patterson has written a Lot of books, some good, some ehh and some that are truly remarkable. He’s also written a few with co-authors like Andrew Gross. It can be a little confusing trying to figure out the order to read them (although many of his stories are quite independent). So … Read more

“Where do you get your books, and why we don’t have a bookstore cat.”

“Wow. I really like your selection. Where do you get your books?” the Customer asked. Little did he realize that I have a good understanding of customer-speak. Beneath his seemingly simple question lies his true thought: “I have a bunch of books I don’t need, and probably never read, and possibly my great-aunt Tilly left … Read more

A Few Notable Links

In my rummaging through the attic of the internet, I unearthed a couple of unusual, interesting, and in one case, bizarre stories. Sadly another major bookstore is closing, due to hikes in rent. The owner wrote a irate e-mail to the National Post  taking on the blindness of a government who is willing to increase … Read more

James Patterson–Young Adult Novelist?

Recently, an article highlighting prolific writer and fantastic sales person, James Patterson, brought to the forefront his foray into YA lit. I somehow missed the beginning of this venture. He apparently released his adult suspense novel on the same day a YA novel was also released. And critics find this to be a sales ploy … Read more

Ghostwriting-And I Don't Mean Letters from Casper

There is a underground subset of authors who take on the job of writing for someone else, with no credit to show for it. They get paid for the privilege but that’s all. There have been quite a few throughout the years–most ‘celebrities’ have no talent for creating sentences, so turn to the publisher to … Read more