Peculiar Children

If you’ve ever seen stiff Victorian photographs of children, you understand the creepiness some of them engender. Whether it’s the photographic process and film of the period that manage to accentuate visual oddities, or the length of time the subject is required to remain still for the photo to develop, there’s no denying the large … Read more

James Patterson–Young Adult Novelist?

Recently, an article highlighting prolific writer and fantastic sales person, James Patterson, brought to the forefront his foray into YA lit. I somehow missed the beginning of this venture. He apparently released his adult suspense novel on the same day a YA novel was also released. And critics find this to be a sales ploy … Read more

"Too Dark" For Young Adults?

I don’t read young adult literature, and don’t have any young adults around at the moment who do. So, I’m not in a position to say whether all the books out there for teens are full of horrific violent profanity ridden dreck or not. But apparently a writer for the Wall Street Journal has read … Read more