James Patterson–Young Adult Novelist?

Recently, an article highlighting prolific writer and fantastic sales person, James Patterson, brought to the forefront his foray into YA lit. I somehow missed the beginning of this venture. He apparently released his adult suspense novel on the same day a YA novel was also released. And critics find this to be a sales ploy and only a sales ploy. They don’t believe Patterson is interested in kids reading, just in parents buying his books for their kids.

But he protests, and I believe him. Yes, he’s an amazing self promoter, and if in the business of writing and being published, the author has to promote himself, or he has no contract the next time it comes around. The fact that he does it better than anyone else shouldn’t be an issue. His using co-authors, is another thing, and opinions vary.

But he says he is serious about getting the young to read, because so few teen kids out there pick up a book. He seems passionate about the subject, and that doesn’t surprise me. I don’t have  a cynical feeling when it comes to Mr. Patterson or anyone else who promotes reading for the early teens. It’s essential kids read–whether it’s a classic or a Patterson, reading at this point in their lives is essential, and I for one am quite happy such a well known and successful man is taking a stand and making it a cause for kids to read .

Here’s the article: