A Mystery–How Accounting Can Be Murder

I can’t think of a subject less likely to be thrilling than accounting. I don’t understand accounting, I don’t understand people who like accounting, and I don’t see how accounting can be a good subject for crime novels. Well, they can and do. Being math challenged is probably why the idea of number crunching appalls … Read more

On The Right Track – Railway Mystery Books

My dad loved model railroading. The HO models–not the big antique things that are so valuable today, such as Lionel etc. He built his own layout in the basement, designed a coal chute, and a bridge that crossed the bottom of the stairs that could be raised for people to enter and leave. He belonged … Read more

Ghostwriting-And I Don't Mean Letters from Casper

There is a underground subset of authors who take on the job of writing for someone else, with no credit to show for it. They get paid for the privilege but that’s all. There have been quite a few throughout the years–most ‘celebrities’ have no talent for creating sentences, so turn to the publisher to … Read more