A Few Notable Links

In my rummaging through the attic of the internet, I unearthed a couple of unusual, interesting, and in one case, bizarre stories.

Sadly another major bookstore is closing, due to hikes in rent. The owner wrote a irate e-mail to the National Post  taking on the blindness of a government who is willing to increase the rent 72 per cent for a bookstore, or any business, in this economic climate.

Here’s the link to Stuart Woods (I found it fascinating that Mr. Wood shared this news) from Quill and Quire:


This next one had me shaking my head in disgust, and blushing a little. Harper Collins is launching  an online only group of erotica titles called Mischief. I’d continue with the description, but I’m afraid I may be sick all over my keypad.


On to a more noble pursuit. James Patterson and his publisher are donating 200,000 books–thats two hundred thousand! books to the armed forces in the Middle East. I’m not sure how well suspense stories are regarded in an area with never ending tension and real danger, but the gesture is a welcome one. So few of us think about those who are caught in the middle of  these conflicts.


Another writer’s philanthropy booted her off the list naming the richest people in the world. I would consider that a good thing. I’m betting those who love to make money and keep it think she’s an idiot for her generosity. Who is the mysterious woman? Of course, I was sure you wouldn’t need to think twice.


A nasty man made off with a disabled individual’s lifetime collection of Superman comic books. A collection that spanned decades. Enter the new social media, and strangers around the world stepped up to the task of helping the Supermanless guy out. How? You can read this little article faster than a speeding bullet:


Another thief may be spending a great deal of time in the bathroom, if the victims have their say. This is one of those stories that has to be read–I can’t do it justice.


Just a couple of things I stumbled upon while trying to find a subject worthwhile to write about. I’m still looking.