15 Must-Read Asian and Pacific Islander Books to Read in 2022

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, or AAPI month, for short. If you want to celebrate AAPI month, reading a book from an Asian or Pacific Islander author is a great way to participate, especially if the book features Asian and Pacific Islander characters. Making an effort to read from AAPI authors … Read more

The Historic Georgetown Rare Book Fair Has Returned to D.C

Last weekend, in Washington D.C, a historic fair was brought back onto the scene, one that book lovers and history fanatics alike are drawn to. On May 13-15 of this year, the Georgetown Rare Book Fair commenced for the first time since its last go back in 2019. The official website for the event beckons … Read more

What if Punching Nazis is the Only Way to Fight Fascism?

How the mob saved America from 1930s fascism in Gangsters Versus Nazis The Depression-Era violence perpetrated against U.S. citizens by the government, from strike-busting by National Guard troops to General Douglas McArthur gassing WWI veterans on the Washington Mall, is shocking even by today’s standards. That’s to say nothing of the Japanese internment camps, the … Read more

How Reading Helps Shape Our Emotions: The Sequel

Please get emotional with more exceptional passages. Laugh Out Loud Hilarity The Princess Bride (William Goldman, 1973) The Princess Bride turns the standard “Prince Charming rescues helpless Princess” upside down into a mad adventurous farcical fable. The reader often laughs out loud. Westley, the hero, is the Farm Boy to the socially superior heroine Buttercup. … Read more

A Talking Cat Shares the Meaning of Life and Books!

The Cat Who Saved Books by Sosuke Natsukawa begins with a death. Rintaro, the main character, has just lost his beloved grandfather. But he soon discovers even amidst his grief that his grandfather has left him with a tremendous gift…a love for books and a legacy, his small yet eclectic second-hand bookshop. Natsuki Books is … Read more

Booksellers: A History & Homage

The story of published books from paper form to printed page dates back to ancient times. Worldwide, written words found their way onto scrolled manuscripts made of papyrus or parchment, their edges sometimes mounted onto rollers for ease of opening and closing. Innovations in upgraded paper and binding techniques followed. History Abridged: How Books and … Read more