Selling Books – Above & Beyond Social Media

We all love social media, but it cannot be our only or main strategy to sell books, as booksellers, authors, or publishers. With ever-changing unhelpful algorithms, increased costs, and competition, we may be pouring in time and resources for very little return. There’s so much pressure to grow a brand and build a following. But … Read more

Can Social Media Really Sell Books?

There’s no shortage of people explaining how to work social media to sell more books. But there is very little hard evidence that it really can convert to sales. Social media requires significant time and emotional investment for authors, bookshops, and publishers who are already stretched thin. Is it worth doing? Book-related social media, very … Read more

Goodreads vs. Storygraph: Which is the Better Book Platform?

If you’re a reader, you are probably well familiar with Goodreads. Since 2006, Goodreads has been the most popular and widely used platform for readers to track what books they have read, books they want to read, and a way for them to connect with fellow book lovers. Other book platforms similar to Goodreads have … Read more

What will the word “book” mean to future generations?

by Jas Faulkner It might seem like a needless bit of sophistry to contemplate the evolution of the definition of  “book.”  We all know what makes up a book, right?  Say the word, “book” and the immediate association for most is still an aggregate of leaves bearing printed information, bound together with front and back … Read more

Atticus Revisited


to kill a

by Jas Faulkner

Where there used to be lots of chatter and lots of speculation with just enough nuggets of truth to keep people listening and wondering, now there are memes. Whenever something big happens, there are always quotes pulled from primary sources closest to the event, movies, TV shows, and yes, books.  There is a sameness to this.  We expect to hear from the heroes and the villains who are directly involved  and the pop culture voices that seem to have some ancillary connection and it all starts to run together in a big, colorful, smeary heartfelt collage of words in boxes. 

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