Elephant & Piggie – The Book Set That Every Home Needs

I enjoyed Tovah Yavin’s recent blog post “Helping Your Child Get Started – With Books!” so much that I wanted to build on it. Tovah recommends the Berenstain Bear series. I wholeheartedly agree. A friend lent me the entire set, and all my children devoured it. A whole set of books offers a special kind … Read more

Before Peter Rabbit Was Turned Into a Cute Bunny

When we think of fairy tales, most of us imagine fawns cavorting in the forest, bluebirds spinning Cinderella’s ragged dress into a beautiful ball gown, and cute bunnies all to the backdrop of uplifting music. And at the end of the story, there is a simple moral to be learned that everyone knows will contribute … Read more

Middle-Grade Books: The Rise of the Page Count

As a child of the incredible ’90s and aughts (yes, that does make me a millennial), I have seen various things come and go—CDs to digital music, physical books to e-readers, and all that in between. The length of middle-grade books has also seen a significant change throughout the years. First, let us discuss what … Read more

Serendipity At Allentown PA Ephemera Show

Finding desirous books can be quite serendipitous. For example, last Saturday at a very large book and ephemera show in Allentown PA, I found three titles I never dreamed of locating within a reasonable budget, and certainly not in person. Maybe through bookfinder’s ABE., or Biblio, but on a table or shelf right in front … Read more

NY Antiquarian Book Show

At the annual New York Antiquarian Book Show, even the paper within a bookseller’s catalog, has a refined air. A fragrance if you will, of  expensively  printed sheets of paper, beautifully bound with my favorite illustration from In Powder and Crinoline by Kay Nielsen’s hand.Within its pages are detailed descriptions of tomes I’ve never heard … Read more

Easy Readers

Originally, I had intended to write an article recounting my interest in American primers and first readers, along with Kathy McMillan’s influence and knowledge.  I asked her  a few questions, and she came back with an  illustrated supremely interesting full article that I did not want to disturb with my newly acquired insights. It was … Read more