The Best Book Covers

  I’ve already stated that the best book covers DO persuade  me and make a difference in whether or not I’ll purchase a title. What I didn’t relate is that dust jacket and book covers are a passion of  mine. I love illustration on practically anything; from packaging perfumes, to ads, to menus, and naturally books. … Read more

Desecration, or Appropriate Sanitizing?

I checked out Banned Books Week’s facebook page, and found a link to this question-should literary classics be sanitized? In this time of political correctness, derogatory names and nasty words are forbidden in literature. You won’t see many novels calling ethnic groups slang names, or using the ‘n’ word, even if the character within the … Read more

Fabtastic! Sisters In Crime Rally Members: Buy From Independent Bookstores!

Sisters In Crime: “Our Mission: To promote the professional development and advancement of women crime writers to achieve equality in the industry.”  The group and crime fiction author Dana Stabenow have issued the cry–Buy Indie, Pass it On. They ask their members to buy just one book on one day,  from an independent bookstore in their neighborhood. The … Read more