The Best Book Covers

  I’ve already stated that the best book covers DO persuade  me and make a difference in whether or not I’ll purchase a title. What I didn’t relate is that dust jacket and book covers are a passion of  mine. I love illustration on practically anything; from packaging perfumes, to ads, to menus, and naturally books. … Read more

I Finally Got The Plumley Inheritance!

If you’re thinking a relative of mine died and left me a fortune, sadly, no. But almost as valuable, an edition of a book I’ve been searching for over 15 years is now in my excited hands. The Plumley Inheritance is incredibly scarce. The author, Christopher Bush is not a favorite of mine–not at all. … Read more

Facsimile Dust Jackets–Good Idea for Used Bookshops?

  There are thousands of old books out there minus their original dust jackets. Some are first editions, some are not. There are a few talented people who work at restoring the original book covers, front, back, and flaps. Why should used bookshops be interested? A book that is in fairly decent condition and found … Read more