Advice To Aspiring Authors

Popular soft boiled mystery author, Nancy Martin, has some wise words to impart to those who are interested in the world of writing, and being published. I was especially interested in how she was afraid to learn about the craft of writing for fear it may quash her creativity. I honestly think this way about … Read more

Surprise Findings in A Survey Of Mystery Customers

Sisters in Crime, a group dedicated to women writers of crime fiction, took a survey of those who purchase books. One librarian and author found some interesting and to her, surprising answers. In particular, younger, college age people prefer ‘real’ books to e-books. Not something most would think is true. Brick and Mortar bookstores are … Read more

Superb Look at Digital Book World Conference

Acclaimed award winning author, S. J. Rozan has written a summation of the issues discussed at the second conference held about the rapid takeover of the publishing industry by digital technology. Her factual reporting gives a clear picture of the goals and reality of e-publishing. Her personal thoughts are bracketed, separated to keep from confusing … Read more

Fabtastic! Sisters In Crime Rally Members: Buy From Independent Bookstores!

Sisters In Crime: “Our Mission: To promote the professional development and advancement of women crime writers to achieve equality in the industry.”  The group and crime fiction author Dana Stabenow have issued the cry–Buy Indie, Pass it On. They ask their members to buy just one book on one day,  from an independent bookstore in their neighborhood. The … Read more