Seeing Double

An unlikely theme in books seems to be more prevalent than I realized. The use of  twins in literature has been around forever, and many more recent titles have explored the bond and relationship between two identical siblings.

Naturally, Chang and Eng was one of the first titles that popped into my mind when I read ABE’s subject line. The famous Siamese Twins, who coined the title, had  very active and to we who aren’t conjoined, bizarre social lives. Each were married, and each had a gazillion children–the visual picture is a little unsettling, but it worked for them.

Another book I own, but have not yet read, The Thirteenth Tale, involves twins, something I didn’t know until this little article. Now I’m even more intrigued and will put it upon the top of my top of to be read pile.

A couple of mystery titles are familiar to me, but loads of other titles featuring twins aren’t.

It’s interesting perusing titles and authors who utilize this unusual subject.

Here’s the article:

2 thoughts on “Seeing Double”

  1. OH, Nancy! You ruined my next little post, lol–I hold these ABE things back until I need one! Ha ha ha, true. I do intend to use that as a beginning for an article on Rackham–I saw something on ABE awhile ago, and remembered all the stuff I wrote and did regarding Rackham in college, and thought it may interest some book people who sell and or collect illustrated books.
    Anyhoo, thanks for commenting–I can’t think of any twins in literature at the moment, my brain is in a freeze.

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