7 Manga Recommendations

Now, I recognize that Manga isn’t for everyone. It can be rather niche, but let’s explore the genre a little bit. The questions that are asked fairly often are: Where does Manga come from? Is it literature? What’s the difference between a comic book, a graphic novel, and a Manga? All very valid questions and … Read more

The Invisible Scarlet O'Neill

I was flabbergasted. I thought I was the only human alive that could possibly know who Scarlet O’Neill was. After all, the book I own was printed during WWII with substandard paper which crumbles to the touch. Each time I turn a page, the corner clips itself off. Even if people had some how heard … Read more

Stocking Graphic Novels in Your Bookshop

This is the first in a multi-part post through which I hope to introduce the reader’s of this blog to the idea of carrying graphic novels in their store.  Space in a retail shop is limited; inventory is expensive, and there needs to be a reason why any product is carried in a store.  Through these next … Read more