Anxious People Book Review

I’m going to be completely honest here, I’m usually not one for literary fiction; it’s just not my jam, ya know? But I’m also an avid Booktube watcher as well and this one name would occasionally pop up. It popped up so many times that I got a little curious: Fredrik Backman. Once again, I’m … Read more

7 Manga Recommendations

Now, I recognize that Manga isn’t for everyone. It can be rather niche, but let’s explore the genre a little bit. The questions that are asked fairly often are: Where does Manga come from? Is it literature? What’s the difference between a comic book, a graphic novel, and a Manga? All very valid questions and … Read more

According to Lady Whistledown: Historical Romance Books

Let’s talk Bridgerton or, more appropriately, let’s talk historical romance. Unless your life has consisted of largely allowing popular tv shows to pass you by, then you’re likely aware of the popularity of the Netflix series Bridgerton. Before this was a wildly popular tv series, it was a book series by the brilliant Julia Quinn. … Read more

Middle-Grade Books: The Rise of the Page Count

As a child of the incredible ’90s and aughts (yes, that does make me a millennial), I have seen various things come and go—CDs to digital music, physical books to e-readers, and all that in between. The length of middle-grade books has also seen a significant change throughout the years. First, let us discuss what … Read more