The Format Wars have begun

  The Format Wars have begun!  To arms!  To arms!  Choose your weapon, grab your hardcovers for close-in combat, your paperbacks for ranged attacks.  Get your kindle and hope that the screen doesn’t shatter on the first impact! A month or so ago I read the headline “Barnes & Noble Pulls Watchmen, Sandman And 100 DC Graphic Novels From … Read more

eBooks Are Big, but Printed Books Are Still Bigger

It’s not all doom and gloom for bookstores despite the news I woke up to Friday morning. I was awoken by CBC’s morning radio show host interviewing one of the co-owners of Flying Dragon Bookstore, an award-winning bookstore in Toronto, Canada. Saturday May 14, 2011 the Canadian Booksellers Association had named them Specialty Bookseller of … Read more

Book Sellers: Don't Fear the eBook

I went to the New York Comic Convention this past weekend. In between wandering the show floor, meeting authors, artists, and book store owners who had booths there I decided to take in a couple of panels on the state of the comic industry. While the comic industry is slightly different from the book industry, … Read more