An Afternoon With Baroness P. D. James

My job of making sure authors signed books, no matter who they were or when they could come in, extended to one Sunday when the store I was working at usually closed. It was the only day Baroness P. D. James could make it to sign hundreds of her newest title . And we needed that … Read more

A Scary Encounter With Stephen King

I don’t read Stephen King. Not because I don’t think he’s an excellent writer. He is. Too too good of a writer. I am one of those people who loves fictional murder because there is a structure, foul play occurs; clues abound; are investigated; characters throw around red herrings; the detective investigates and the murderer … Read more

Generating a Crowd for an In-Store Event

“How do you get people to a book signing?” The houseguest who asked this innocent question may have regretted it, because my answer was lengthy and detailed. Nothing can be left to chance for a successful event! PRESS RELEASE. This is my foundational campaign piece, and I write it carefully, with important facts in the … Read more