Whodunit? Philly Style

The very first mystery bookstore I entered was Whodunit? in Philadelphia PA. I was a teen with my mom, and deliberately looked up and found this particular store because I had a couple of books I wanted to sell and they said they bought books in exchange for credit. I was enthralled upon entering. I … Read more

Book Theft

I’ve already related my armed robbery story, but in that case, no books were taken, only money. I say only, because in some cases, the books are more valuable than what may be in the till. The stealing of book or books although not a common practice, occurred, more than we all liked to believe. Throughout … Read more

A Scary Encounter With Stephen King

I don’t read Stephen King. Not because I don’t think he’s an excellent writer. He is. Too too good of a writer. I am one of those people who loves fictional murder because there is a structure, foul play occurs; clues abound; are investigated; characters throw around red herrings; the detective investigates and the murderer … Read more

Author Signatures, The Saga Continues

To inscribe, or not to inscribe, that is the question. Whether tis’ n0bler to splatter your name indecipherably across the page, or to write a heartfelt little ditty. . . In days long ago, mystery authors did not sign as many books as they do today. The publishers didn’t demand they be their own publicists … Read more

A Real Character of a Writer

One of the gravy parts of my tenure managing mystery bookshops, was meeting and greeting authors. Established, brand new, legends, ego maniacs, and future friends. Granted, I worked in arguably the greatest city in the world (I take that line from the David Letterman show) and therefore had more opportunity to meet authors. In a … Read more