Oh, How I Agree! Mostly.

My friend and superlative bookseller/bookshop owner, Maryelizabeth Hart, owner of The Mysterious Galaxy–with two locations now!–posted a link to this article on Facebook, and I just had to share! The article discusses what things an author who visits for an event or signing should do while there, and after leaving. Some of the points I’ve … Read more

Generating a Crowd for an In-Store Event

“How do you get people to a book signing?” The houseguest who asked this innocent question may have regretted it, because my answer was lengthy and detailed. Nothing can be left to chance for a successful event! PRESS RELEASE. This is my foundational campaign piece, and I write it carefully, with important facts in the … Read more

Create some momentum with a well planned event

I’ve spent the last three years at Joseph-Beth Booksellers coveting “indie bookstore moments.” You know them — the first time a local Dungeons & Dragons group sets up shop, the first time a customer hugs you because they absolutely loved your last recommendation, the first time you get a handwritten thank you from a five-year-old. … Read more