31 Beautiful Christmas Books for Kids

It’s never too early to blog about Christmas, right? Especially if there are books to buy! Family traditions are vital to well-being throughout the whole lifespan. Over 20 years ago, it was clear that traditions had multiple health benefits, according to a review of 50 years of research. That’s a huge evidence base! Marriages were … Read more

I Abandoned My Book Collection! Recommendations, Please…

I still get a lump in my throat when I think about it. Why? I migrated across the world during the pandemic. And suddenly, shipping became impossibly expensive and chaotic. Related: Shipping Large Boxes of Books Revisited International shipping costs tripled over one year. Bottlenecks in ports all around the world also meant that if … Read more

7 Books About Nonconformity That You Should Read Right Now

Whether it is our neurotic behavior, tendency to obsess, or impulsiveness, we can be attracted to rule-breakers or simply nonconformists. To my knowledge, a person does not have to have a rebellious lifestyle to gain the interest of others but can have an individuality that they are willing to defend against social norms. When finding … Read more

16 Exciting Book Releases You Must Read in July 2022

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TBR: A Recommendation Service Tailored with Readers in Mind

Every reader loves the feeling when they are recommended a book they end up falling in love with. The book matches their reading taste and is everything they were looking for. Without that recommendation, they possibly would have never found out about it. That’s why book recommendations are very valuable. They get us to learn … Read more

Last Night at the Telegraph Club: A Young Adult Triumph

I’m easily influenced. This is why BookTok, in all of its influential glory, has reigned over my TBR nearly since the day I downloaded the app. Sure, there have been times when the BookTok community has led me astray, but, sometimes, there are winners. Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo was one … Read more