I Abandoned My Book Collection! Recommendations, Please…

I still get a lump in my throat when I think about it. Why? I migrated across the world during the pandemic. And suddenly, shipping became impossibly expensive and chaotic. Related: Shipping Large Boxes of Books Revisited International shipping costs tripled over one year. Bottlenecks in ports all around the world also meant that if … Read more

Why Did Amazon Fail to Kill the Independent Bookstore Industry?

“Independent bookstores provide a story of hope for community-led businesses” – Ryan L. Raffaelli. In 1995, when Amazon appeared on the bookselling scene, analysts predicted that it was the doom of the independent bookselling industry. Indeed, there was a significant decline in the number of Independent bookstores across the USA. With Amazon offering a seemingly … Read more

Dangerous Words: A Brief History of Samizdat

It is March 1970, and American journalist Albert Parry writes a fascinating article in The New York Times about “the new and remarkably viable underground press” known as Samizdat – “self-publishing.” He writes: Unlike the underground of Czarist times, today’s samizdat has no printing presses (with rare exceptions): The K.G.B., the secret police, is too … Read more

Current Challenges and Opportunities Facing Book Publishers

Reporting on an Ingram Content Group webinar. Ingram Content Group runs a fantastic free webinar series called Publishers Lunch: Publisher Insights With Ingram. Last week, on Wednesday, Sep. 14, the webinar was The Health of Today’s Publishing Industry. Here’s the summary of the webinar: “We’re all familiar with today’s global marketplace challenges—the pandemic threw things … Read more

Stunning New Releases From Indigenous Australian Authors

Want to learn more about modern Indigenous Australia? Magabala Books, one of Australia’s premier Indigenous publishing companies, has been very busy preparing several books for you to enjoy. FIFO – Fit In or F**k Off! Melody Dia, a Nyul Nyul woman from Broome, Western Australia, has written a play, FIFO – Fit In or F**k … Read more

Bibliotherapy for Schizophrenia: Books Shine When They Lift Us Out of Our Darkest Places

This is a piece on books as therapy for mental illness, plus a reading list relevant to schizophrenia. Put these on your reading list, or stock them in your bookshop.   Bibliotherapy, or “healthy reading,” refers to the use of books as therapy or for understanding and solving problems in our health and development. For … Read more

The Open Access Revolution: How Can Publishing Remain Sustainable?

Open Access (OA) principles are rapidly gaining support. Governments, including here in the USA, are enshrining its principles in legislation. It typically involves publishing materials under public copyright licenses (normally Creative Commons) to enable free distribution and use. Related: The Indian Publishing Industry: For Love or Money? Distributing the work digitally is not all that … Read more