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Self Pubbed Author Slams Publishers as Unnecessary

J. A. Konrath, whom I’ve heard of, only through facebook constantly recommending I friend him because so many of my friends are his friends, responded to an interview with a person from a publishing company–that interview I didn’t see, and don’t really need to–he shot down any and every argument the person offered for the […]Read More

Good For Them! But Is It a Sound Business Move?

Publisher’s Weekly covered the announcement by Barnes and Noble, that they will not carry anything published by Amazon in their brick and mortar stores. The fact that I am championing B&N is not lost on me. Me, who ten years ago likened B&N to the ‘Evil Empire’, like the Soviet Union. But now, just like […]Read More

Fantastic New York Times Editorial on amazon Trickery

Richard Russo interviewed several best selling authors about the recent amazon trickery, and the results were comforting, at least. The authors, including, Scott Turow, Stephen King, and Dennis Lehane all found amazon’s tactics less than a stellar business practice. However, the comments to the article were typical in the ‘oh you elitists’ and ‘poor amazon’ […]Read More

Amazon, or aka, Scum of the Universe

You know, I honestly used to enjoy buying certain books from this giant non taxing paying Walmart in the ethernet sky. That was before slave labor was discovered, and the foisting of kindle on the masses began. This new development takes the slime bucket award. Mysterious Galaxy, a fantastic indie bookstore featuring mystery and science […]Read More

Book Burning, or the Lack There Of

Rereading articles about last September’s London riots, I became bemused over the point many newspapers and blogs made about the lack of looting and book burning during the violence. All had theories of why this was so. One–the rioters respect books, therefore didn’t touch them. I think we can rule that one out immediately. Some […]Read More

Neck Deep in PODs (Publish on Demand)

An interesting article once again explores the impact of print on demand books. A offbeat attitude is displayed by the author of the article, Clive Thompson. It’s his contention that PODs will lead to *more* physical books, not less, actually he thinks in 20 years we will all be ‘neck deep’ in them. It’s what […]Read More

No Vacation From Books For Me

I need books. All the time.  I’ve always stated that if I become homeless the shopping cart I push will be full of discarded novels. So when I go away on vacation, I bring books. Yes, real books, with covers, and binding, and fragrant pulp wafting from the pages. Our vacations consist of road trips […]Read More

An Interview With Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin About

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has graciously answered some questions regarding his experience during the Katrina hurricane catastrophe and the self publishing of his first book: Katrina’s Secrets: Storms After the Storm Q:    My first question would be a general one-How is New Orleans and the people doing these years after Katrina? Has […]Read More