Amazon, or aka, Scum of the Universe

You know, I honestly used to enjoy buying certain books from this giant non taxing paying Walmart in the ethernet sky. That was before slave labor was discovered, and the foisting of kindle on the masses began. This new development takes the slime bucket award. Mysterious Galaxy, a fantastic indie bookstore featuring mystery and science … Read more

Up, down, & sideways- shelving your books

When you’re opening a bookstore, probably the last thing on your mind is how to shelve your books.  You just get some cases and put them on, right?    Wrong.  Particularly if you’re building your own cases, you want to determine HOW you’re going to display your books first.  Otherwise you’ll get stuck with a shelving system that doesn’t work for you or your customers and costs you time and money to redo.

The key part to consider is what KIND of books will you be selling.   If it’s almost all paperback, you’ll want to use a different system than if you’ll be carrying only hardcovers.

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Pazzo Books – A Moving Story

It’s funny – when I was packing up our 20,000 books and all of the associated detritus that collected along with them over the past five years, I swore that had to be the worst part of the move. Before that, when I was pulling down pink plywood, plastering over holes, sheet rocking and painting, … Read more

Some thoughts on organizing your Children's Section

Take My Advice-I’m Not Using It! I love bookstores, all bookstores, in-print, out of print, paperback exchanges; whether they are dusty, dark and cluttered, or well lit and meticulously organized, if you take me to a bookstore that has a good selection of books, especially children’s books, be prepared to only see the back of … Read more