7 Self-Published Books to Check Out at the Bookstore in September

There are the terms self-publishing, independent publishing, and traditional publishing. If you would prefer to avoid rejection letters from traditional publishing companies, write the manuscript and rely on the editing services, (assisting you with editing, formatting, book design, and cover art), and print a run of copies and distribute the books, self-publishing is for you. … Read more

Make a Living Writing 1 Book a Year

Another terrific podcast by the Self-Publishing Formula team. If you are a budding writer, there aren’t many better resources than this crew. Jami Albright didn’t start writing until she was 50. Since then she’s learned how to self-publish, built a strong email list, launched four books, and more than replaced the income from her day … Read more

Books & Stuff – The Ecosocialist Bookshelf and She-Hulk Author

7 new books for an ecosocialist bookshelf Australia ecosocialist bookshelf January 8, 2020 Climate and Capitalism editor Ian Angus takes a look at seven new titles for an ecosocialist bookshelf. *** Planetary Mine: Territories of Extraction under Late Capitalism By Martin Arboleda Verso, 2020 … [Read More] Listen to Annie Dieu Le Veut read an … Read more

Should I Self-Publish?

We’ve recently become a LIFer. A what?  Location Independent Family that is 🙂 Bruce already runs a pretty successful business online and I’ve started dabbling in writing and blogging, which to my own surprise, I’m actually really enjoying. GreatLetsGo is our travel blog which I’ve been most active on and now I’m going to bring … Read more

Tracey Rolfe: My Self-Publishing Journey

A guest post by Tracey Rolfe When I wrote my first book what I knew and understood about the publishing world you could write on the back of a postage stamp. The following is a not very subtle breakdown of my frustrating experience:  (1) print and collate three chapters of my manuscript with covering letter; … Read more