A Real Kurt Vonnegut

I am a teeny bit embarrassed to admit, I’ve not read Vonnegut. Although certainly aware of his work. I’ve never had the inclination to pick his titles. Perhaps until now. On the Banned Books Week’s site, they linked to a letter Vonnegut wrote in 1973 to the head of a school board who had burned … Read more

Book Burning, or the Lack There Of

Rereading articles about last September’s London riots, I became bemused over the point many newspapers and blogs made about the lack of looting and book burning during the violence. All had theories of why this was so. One–the rioters respect books, therefore didn’t touch them. I think we can rule that one out immediately. Some … Read more

Burning Books

Burning, destroying books for any reason is inexcusable. Burning them because of ‘religious beliefs’ is incomprehensible. Recently, in Colorado City Arizona, an old schoolhouse housing stacked boxes of donated books, was the site of a bonfire of containing some of those titles. At first, the organizers of the drive for a library in the area, … Read more