Thanks A Lot, Justice Administration

Thank you so much for protecting us from Apple’s attempts to monopolize the e-book industry. Sure, they set e-book prices and colluded with publishers to do so. And, maybe from the short term view of the consumer and U. S. government, that is a very bad thing. As if monopolies are non existent except for … Read more

Amazon, or aka, Scum of the Universe

You know, I honestly used to enjoy buying certain books from this giant non taxing paying Walmart in the ethernet sky. That was before slave labor was discovered, and the foisting of kindle on the masses began. This new development takes the slime bucket award. Mysterious Galaxy, a fantastic indie bookstore featuring mystery and science … Read more

Jeff Bezos and Amazon–The New Robber Barons?

Have we as a working nation learned nothing from the past? Are we all so self involved, that when a news story reports a company is mistreating workers, treating them as disposable objects, and subjecting them to inhuman heat indexes, we respond by calling the workers ‘wimp’s’ ‘whiners’ ‘commies’? We side with the huge corporation … Read more