Buying an ebook

I don’t have a kindle, nook, ipad, or any other device in which to download books, unless you count my brand new used 4 iphone. Which I don’t. Reading a book on that would be like deciphering the written word from a dollhouse library. And yet, I was almost willing to try. Almost. Who is … Read more

Good For Them! But Is It a Sound Business Move?

Publisher’s Weekly covered the announcement by Barnes and Noble, that they will not carry anything published by Amazon in their brick and mortar stores. The fact that I am championing B&N is not lost on me. Me, who ten years ago likened B&N to the ‘Evil Empire’, like the Soviet Union. But now, just like … Read more

The Format Wars have begun

  The Format Wars have begun!  To arms!  To arms!  Choose your weapon, grab your hardcovers for close-in combat, your paperbacks for ranged attacks.  Get your kindle and hope that the screen doesn’t shatter on the first impact! A month or so ago I read the headline “Barnes & Noble Pulls Watchmen, Sandman And 100 DC Graphic Novels From … Read more

Book Burning, or the Lack There Of

Rereading articles about last September’s London riots, I became bemused over the point many newspapers and blogs made about the lack of looting and book burning during the violence. All had theories of why this was so. One–the rioters respect books, therefore didn’t touch them. I think we can rule that one out immediately. Some … Read more

Celebrated Author Margaret Atwood's Take on e-books

Margaret Atwood, author of such books as Lady Oracle, and The Blind Assassin gives her opinion regarding new technology vs. ‘real’ books. What I found interesting and what many aren’t talking about, is how the writer fares in the future. She brings up good points about both e-books and cloth bound ones.First found at Quill … Read more