Wal-Mart vs. Amazon

It’s hard to decide which of these two monopolies to dislike more. One wants to take over the retail universe, and the other strives to take over the retail universe. One is brick and mortar and treats employees less than admirably, the other is an online store and treats employees like a third world country. One sells various and sundries, the other sells various and sundries, and oh, yeah, books. One used to sell the Kindle pad, the other still sells the Kindle pad.

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Self Pubbed Author Slams Publishers as Unnecessary

J. A. Konrath, whom I’ve heard of, only through facebook constantly recommending I friend him because so many of my friends are his friends, responded to an interview with a person from a publishing company–that interview I didn’t see, and don’t really need to–he shot down any and every argument the person offered for the … Read more

Neck Deep in PODs (Publish on Demand)

An interesting article once again explores the impact of print on demand books. A offbeat attitude is displayed by the author of the article, Clive Thompson. It’s his contention that PODs will lead to *more* physical books, not less, actually he thinks in 20 years we will all be ‘neck deep’ in them. It’s what … Read more

Celebrated Author Margaret Atwood's Take on e-books

Margaret Atwood, author of such books as Lady Oracle, and The Blind Assassin gives her opinion regarding new technology vs. ‘real’ books. What I found interesting and what many aren’t talking about, is how the writer fares in the future. She brings up good points about both e-books and cloth bound ones.First found at Quill … Read more

The Imminent Murder of The Book

Books as we have known them since Gutenberg printed the first bible;  paper, glue, boards, cover artwork, all the physical attributes will soon disappear the way the dodo did. The latest news of the Borders bookstore chain losing their fight to stay alive, hammers one more nail in the coffin filled to the brim with hardcovers, … Read more

One Writer's Thoughts on e-books, and Bad News from Powell's Bookstore

On the same page located on shelfawareness.com, a wonderful quote by an author sums up my feelings, and probably many other booklovers, to a tee. Right below this piece is the news about the big and wonderful independent bookstore in Portland OR, USA, Powells, who has had to lay off 30 workers over the past … Read more