Where Have All The Indies Gone, and B. Dalton’s and Brentano’s and Waldonbooks, and Borders and Even, EEK! B&N?

There is no place to buy new books anywhere within my radius, and I don’t live in Timbuktu. I live right outside a major city, suburbs with millions of people, and there are practically no bookstores. Three B&N’s are hanging on, but who knows if they will disappear the way the huge double decker one … Read more

Murder Between The Covers. Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

 Murder Between the Covers—Elaine Viets–IP Oh what a perfect book for independent booksellers to revel in. The action takes place in a chain store, albeit a small one in Florida, but still oddly reminiscent of the local B&N. And why is that? Because Ms. Viets, the author of the Dead End Job series, worked at … Read more

The Imminent Murder of The Book

Books as we have known them since Gutenberg printed the first bible;  paper, glue, boards, cover artwork, all the physical attributes will soon disappear the way the dodo did. The latest news of the Borders bookstore chain losing their fight to stay alive, hammers one more nail in the coffin filled to the brim with hardcovers, … Read more

Why I Hate the Film You've Got Mail

No, not because it’s a re-re-make of a 1930s James Stewart film, The Shop Around the Corner, or because it’s a remake of a later film with Judy Garland which word for word is The Shop Around The Corner, nor is it because it involves AOL and e-mail. The premise of  two people who dislike … Read more