What The Hell is The Matter With Some Publishers?

deathtookpubI am the first to admit, I don’t understand the publishing industry. I don’t get the way they will publish a title, it does quite well, so they publish the next, and then stop. And not only do they stop, they refuse to publish either of the first two in paperback, which means the audience is minute. Hardcover books are expensive for most people to buy, they depend on a new title being available in 12 months in paperback. That’s why so many are behind one book in a series–they’ve paperback pocketbooks.

So, one particular publisher has a habit of doing this, from my personal experience, and it inflames my soap box soul. For anonymity sake, let’s call it, um, St. Paul’s Publishing House. They buy mediocre, to superb mystery novels, pay the authors a pittance, publish the least amount of copies possible and still make a profit, and in many cases, drop the author as fast as they signed him or her.

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The Imminent Murder of The Book

Books as we have known them since Gutenberg printed the first bible;  paper, glue, boards, cover artwork, all the physical attributes will soon disappear the way the dodo did. The latest news of the Borders bookstore chain losing their fight to stay alive, hammers one more nail in the coffin filled to the brim with hardcovers, … Read more

Extremely Important Info for Canadian Booksellers

On Qull and  Quire an open letter by the CEO of Macmillan publishers regarding the bankruptcy of their Canadian distributer was posted. Booksellers should take note–it may affect their deliveries of anything shipped from this publishing house. Here’s then link: http://www.quillandquire.com/blog/index.php/2011/02/04/open-letter-from-macmillan-ceo-john-sargent-to-canadian-booksellers/