The Amazon Matchbook Program

On September 3, 2013 Kindle announced a program they call Matchbook. This will allow people who have bought print books from Amazon since 1995 to obtain an eBook copy of the book, assuming that the publisher/author of the book has chosen to participate in Matchbook. The prices they quote for getting the eBook copy range … Read more

Book Sellers: Don't Fear the eBook

I went to the New York Comic Convention this past weekend. In between wandering the show floor, meeting authors, artists, and book store owners who had booths there I decided to take in a couple of panels on the state of the comic industry. While the comic industry is slightly different from the book industry, … Read more

Will the Kindle and iPad be the Downfall of Online Bookselling?

Is Kindle Going to Kill Us? It’s been a year since Amazon first reported earnings in which book sales were flat, but Kindles were in such demand that stocks were empty and back-orders were stretching into the tens of thousands. Since then, we’ve seen Kindle mature into a stable platform, Sony offer a competing digital … Read more