Explaining the Jewish Holidays to Your Children – With the Help of Books!

The Jewish High Holidays are beginning in less than a week. Many Jewish children will be taking days off from school to celebrate and many school districts throughout the country will close for a few days to accommodate Jewish teachers and students. Your child, whether you celebrate these holidays or not, may wonder what they … Read more

Helping Your Child Get Started – With Books!

It’s that time of year again. Back to School! But for many 4- and 5-year-old little ones, ‘back’ to school may really be starting school for the first time. Even with older siblings in the family, that can be a scary prospect. Some children may be changing to new schools, which is an equally scary … Read more

Literary Genres for Children – A Complicated Map

Merriam-Webster.com defines ‘genre’ as a category of artistic composition characterized by style, form, or content. In literature for children, there is another type of genre categorized according to the intended reader and characterized by vocabulary, reading level, word count, age of the protagonist, subject matter, expected background knowledge, etc. Some of the usual divisions of … Read more

Reading Your Child to Sleep – With Monsters!

If your child demands that you check the closets and under the bed before they can go to sleep at night, this article is for you. It is also for parents of older children who get up repeatedly asking for yet another glass of water, then linger before running quickly down a dark hallway to … Read more

Before Peter Rabbit Was Turned Into a Cute Bunny

When we think of fairy tales, most of us imagine fawns cavorting in the forest, bluebirds spinning Cinderella’s ragged dress into a beautiful ball gown, and cute bunnies all to the backdrop of uplifting music. And at the end of the story, there is a simple moral to be learned that everyone knows will contribute … Read more