Book Buying on a Budget: A Booklover’s Guide to Book Thrifting

Collecting books is not a cheap hobby. In fact, buying physical books throughout the course of a few years really adds up. So, how can we keep filling those bookshelves without breaking the bank? It is time to deep dive into book thrifting or, shopping for books second-hand. Although it may be time-consuming, it is … Read more

Edinburgh Community Bookshop – Giving Back to the Community

Quick – Do you know someone who lives in Scotland? Specifically in Edinburgh? I noticed this week that there is a new bookshop opening in Edinburgh in October 2022. That’s lovely as it is, but this one is different. The Edinburgh Community Bookshop (ECB) will have two goals. The first is to offer great pre-loved … Read more

A Book Store Map: The Source Book Store

Hidden among the streets of Davenport, Iowa, lays a rather large independent book shop, Source Book Store. Even from the front window, the shop boasts a large collection of used books, DVDs, CDs, and even records and VHS tapes. Truly, the store is right out of the ’80s. The Experience Upon entering the store, it … Read more

Why Second Hand Book Shops Will Always Rage, Rage, Against the Dying of Print

There are four reasons why second-hand book shops will always rage against the book dying in favor of the eReader. Simply put, the reasons are: Out of print? You better hope it’s online! Hard-to-find books can be sourced Different editions of books exist People like finding hidden gems Before we look at them in detail, … Read more

Getting Lost in Twice Sold Tales

A bookstore can be a transformative experience. And in my time in Seattle, Washington, I visited the enchanting and incredibly charming Twice Sold Tales. I went to Seattle for a month this summer and one of my top priorities was to go out to some local used bookstores to take home some books with me. … Read more