TBR: A Recommendation Service Tailored with Readers in Mind

Every reader loves the feeling when they are recommended a book they end up falling in love with. The book matches their reading taste and is everything they were looking for. Without that recommendation, they possibly would have never found out about it. That’s why book recommendations are very valuable. They get us to learn … Read more

How the West Was Womanized

Simultaneously gender-bending and genre-bending, books, such as Outlawed by Anna North and Upright Woman Wanted by Sarah Gailey, offer a much-needed reprieve from the overly masculine literary south. In these pages, gangs of women ride across harsh desert lands in search of a better and more accepting home. In their journey, they battle sheriffs and … Read more

Hollywood Park, or What I Predict Will Be the Best Book I Read All Year

I’ve only tried to contact an author once. It was when I was in fifth grade, and I had been reading The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. I wrote him a letter full of shameless praise, signing it “Shelby, AKA Shelbell.” That’s a nickname I haven’t gone by for a decade now, but … Read more

The Warmth & Wisdom of Alexander McCall Smith

A Renaissance man, former University of Edinburgh law professor, and instructor of medical law and bio-ethics, prolific Alexander McCall Smith has written over 100 books, completes five or six a year, and is now trying his hand at composing librettos and operas. ‘Talented’ would be an understatement for this brilliant, insightful, one-of-a-kind author and humanitarian, … Read more

Middle-Grade Books: The Rise of the Page Count

As a child of the incredible ’90s and aughts (yes, that does make me a millennial), I have seen various things come and go—CDs to digital music, physical books to e-readers, and all that in between. The length of middle-grade books has also seen a significant change throughout the years. First, let us discuss what … Read more

Last Night at the Telegraph Club: A Young Adult Triumph

I’m easily influenced. This is why BookTok, in all of its influential glory, has reigned over my TBR nearly since the day I downloaded the app. Sure, there have been times when the BookTok community has led me astray, but, sometimes, there are winners. Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo was one … Read more

Where the Crawdads Sing & Other Books to Read if You Love Nature    

Writing covers a vast expanse of topics, seemingly anything and everything one can think of. One of the most fascinating of these topics is a genre that really hits home – writing about nature. It is easy to look outside and find the beauty in mountainous terrain, canyons shaped over millennia, or the starry sky … Read more