Connecting with Fellow Book Lovers

How many times have you struck up a conversation in a bookstore? You’re standing there at the stacks of shelves and suddenly someone pulls a copy of a book you loved. In your overzealous book-loving nature, you exclaim “I Loved that Book!” Before you know it, two strangers who may have never exchanged words are … Read more

The Most Famous Bookstore in the World

Few book lovers are unfamiliar with one of the most famous independent bookshops in the world, Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France. Fewer may know that it was an American, Sylvia Beach who opened the iconic bookshop on Nov. 19, 1919. Beach first wanted to be a writer but found she couldn’t live with the … Read more

A Talking Cat Shares the Meaning of Life and Books!

The Cat Who Saved Books by Sosuke Natsukawa begins with a death. Rintaro, the main character, has just lost his beloved grandfather. But he soon discovers even amidst his grief that his grandfather has left him with a tremendous gift…a love for books and a legacy, his small yet eclectic second-hand bookshop. Natsuki Books is … Read more

Bookstores: Refuges of Soul

For readers, walking by a bookstore and not entering is inconceivable. We just can’t bring ourselves to not pass through that door and take in that “bookstore smell.” It’s a real thing the bookstore smell, like a seductive perfume. There’s a mixture of ink, paper, old hardwood floors, and ageless wisdom with a few shakes … Read more