The Well-Stocked Book Shop

One of the more rewarding moments for booksellers is getting the perfect book to its perfect reader. Sometimes this can be done months before the book is actually released when the book buyer is pouring over the catalogues filled with hundreds or even thousands of titles from multiple publishers. Choosing the books for your store … Read more

The Fundamental Right to Read

Every September as school buses refuel and become a fixture on the roads again, retail stores have “back to school sales,” and routines become the norm for families with kids in school. Another annual ritual is gearing up. Libraries and bookstores begin promoting Banned Book Week, an annual awareness campaign promoted by the American Library … Read more

The Book That Made Me a Reader

I read a lot as a child. Books were my entertainment and my refuge from being shy and yet innately curious about the world. Books allowed me to engage with the world from the safety of my solitude and yet fully engaged in a story at the same time. Charlotte’s Web The first book I … Read more

A Reading Life

Readers are curious people, often with wild imaginations. The writer creates a world on the pages and the reader conjures it up in their mind. It is up to the reader to engage, see it, and understand it. Readers tend to be patient people. How often does it take to be “all-in” on a book? … Read more

No Autographs but Plenty of Book Chats – Selling Books to Celebrities

There’s a thrill when you bump into a celebrity when you least expect it. I’ve had many experiences working in bookstores and owning my own bookstore where I got the pleasure of speaking to and in some cases forming a friendly acquaintance with celebrity customers. First Celebrity Customer – Sharon Stone I remember working my … Read more

Connecting with Fellow Book Lovers

How many times have you struck up a conversation in a bookstore? You’re standing there at the stacks of shelves and suddenly someone pulls a copy of a book you loved. In your overzealous book-loving nature, you exclaim “I Loved that Book!” Before you know it, two strangers who may have never exchanged words are … Read more