Love Defies Time: Portrait of Jennie & Somewhere in Time

Ah, eternal love. In the end, what you believe becomes your world. (Portrait of Jennie and Somewhere in Time) Does your heart soar when you discover romantic fantasy stories that transcend the boundaries of time?  Mine does if they meet the mysterious, fantastical, vaguely plausible criteria that I require in a well-told tale of love with … Read more

‘Hello, Bookstore’ Is the Look at the Pandemic You Need to See

It’s hard to imagine a more effective accidental pandemic story than the one told by director A.B. Zax in the forthcoming Hello Bookstore. While the spoiler is right in the logline—In the shadow of the pandemic, a small town rallies to protect a beloved local bookstore—that wasn’t the film Zax set out to make in … Read more

Romance Is a Bonus Book (Netflix)

It is second nature for book lovers and romantics to fall in love with the Korean dramady “Romance is a Bonus Book.” This 16-episode paean to love and books features the long-term friendship between a young boy and a slightly older girl who drift apart over time. After an unsuccessful marriage and a child, heroine … Read more

Bookshops in Films

Focus on Bookshops in Animated & Live-Action Fantasy Films “Isn’t it Romantic?” Often, bookstores feature into films, whether animated or live-action, where fairy tales, old-fashioned or modern-day, become romantic reality. We still want to believe in happily ever after. It’s magical, after all. And why not? Here we shine the spotlight on a few favorites. … Read more