Some thoughts on organizing your Children's Section

Take My Advice-I’m Not Using It! I love bookstores, all bookstores, in-print, out of print, paperback exchanges; whether they are dusty, dark and cluttered, or well lit and meticulously organized, if you take me to a bookstore that has a good selection of books, especially children’s books, be prepared to only see the back of … Read more

Special Books & Childhood Memories

The early 20th Century saw the first of what can be considered the modern children’s picture book. The books were short, the words relatively few, and the illustrations advanced the story instead of merely illustrating the text. Whether it was Peter Rabbit squeezing himself under Mr. McGregor’s fence or poor Pooh being thumped on the … Read more

Dana Richardson – Bookseller?

I officially made my transition from fanatic book reader to bookselling fanatic in 1993 when I was in my late thirties. I’ve always been a slow learner and it took me that long to figure out that I did not fit in either the academic or government environments.

The one that got away..

Another great post by contributing writer Dana Richardson of Windy Hill Books. We are still looking for two more contributors, if interested please contact me ( ************************ Most dealers (myself included) love to talk about the rare, scarce and truly wonderful titles that we found on scouting trips; attributing the find to luck, fate, karma, … Read more