Do Free Online Illustrated Books Impact Sales?

I collect images. Physical ones, and virtual ones. I have stacks of illustrated children’s books, crime fiction dust jacketed books, Deco magazines and books, whatever grabs my eye and is pleasing, I want, no need, to keep. On flickr I have uploaded over 16,000 images. I used to be able to claim most came from … Read more

Masquerade–A Treasure of a Book

  I had a copy of this book, however I never tried to figure out the clues and find the treasure–I was more interested in the artwork, and sadly, I’ve never been good at those kind of games. The illustrations are quite beautiful, and for that reason alone the book should get a second look. Fascinating … Read more

Special Books & Childhood Memories

The early 20th Century saw the first of what can be considered the modern children’s picture book. The books were short, the words relatively few, and the illustrations advanced the story instead of merely illustrating the text. Whether it was Peter Rabbit squeezing himself under Mr. McGregor’s fence or poor Pooh being thumped on the … Read more