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Important Article about Digital Books

I found this at Quill and Quire and felt bookstore owners and others here should be kept up to date on the trends involving, in my opinion, soulless objects that are kindles and iPads etc. My opinions aside, the sales info and privacy issues explored in the article are important facts. To read it go […]Read More

Google eBooks: A Game-Changer?

It seems almost too good to be true. Earlier today I found out about Google’s new ebook service, Google eBooks, which will apparently be available in the US by the end of 2010 and to international markets within a few months of the beginning of 2011. Google once again is poised to change the way […]Read More

Electronic Readers Compared

Carrying books and newspapers around is both tedious and a hassle, especially if you are an avid reader. Electronic Readers have long solved this problem, but there are so many on the market today that choosing between them can be a daunting task. Knowing a little about each ebook Reader can help you make a […]Read More

Will the Kindle and iPad be the Downfall of Online

Is Kindle Going to Kill Us? It’s been a year since Amazon first reported earnings in which book sales were flat, but Kindles were in such demand that stocks were empty and back-orders were stretching into the tens of thousands. Since then, we’ve seen Kindle mature into a stable platform, Sony offer a competing digital […]Read More

Will the iPad and the iBook Store Change the Face

Do you sense a change coming in the publishing world? At the end of January 2010, Steve Jobs announced the highly anticipated Apple iPad, along with a number of iPad accessories at the latest Apple conference. As part of the launch of the iPad, which also functions as a rather stylish eBook reader, Apple announced […]Read More