Stone Quarry. Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

  Stone Quarry— S. J. Rozan  1999-St. Martin’s Press-IP “It can be a treacherous road, State Route 30, especially rain slick in the twilight of late winter, but I know it well. I sped along its badly banked curves faster than legal and faster than necessary. I was heading for Antonelli’s; I had plenty of time. I drove … Read more

Roll Over and Play Dead. Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

 Roll Over and Play Dead—Joan Hess–1991–St. Martin’s Press–used If you’ve not encountered the worlds of Joan Hess, you have many unique hilarious to the point of embarrassing yourself, moments ahead. Practically any one title from her Claire Malloy series could be on my list, but I have a particular fondness for Roll Over and Play … Read more

The Best 100 Mysteries of All Time–Ten More Titles

The Best 100 Mysteries of All Time–10 Titles-Number 2    Stone Quarry—  S. J. Rozan  1999-St. Martin’s Press-IP   To read a synopsis go here:           Billy Dead—Lisa Reardon–Viking Publishers-1998–IP   To read a synopsis of the book go here:       Murder Between the Covers—Elaine Viets–2003—-IP   To … Read more