Reel Entertainment

by Jas Faulkner

sense-and-sensibility-1995-dvd-cover-1School has been in session for nearly two weeks and Sam and Tab have already hosted their first “Page to Screen” night based on what the kids are reading in class.

“I thought you had those all the time,” I said.

“Oh, we do. But the ones during the school year work a little different from the ones we have in the summer.  We get to pick out our own movies and have giveaways when there’s no school.”

I’ve seen their giveaways. Rather than one expensive thing that everybody covets and only one person gets, they tend to find something they can afford to give to anyone in attendance who wants it.  At the end of their events the crowd leaves with books, bookmarks, and other goodies in hand courtesy of Magnolia Square Books and The TikTok KitKat Cafe.

Of course there is always something the girls and George ask in return.  Sometimes it’s an hour or two everyone’s time for some consciousness raising about diabetes or the environment or aging or fitness  or even a little dose of stealth sensitivity training.  Sometimes the cost for an evening of film, talk, books, and biscuits is a bag of empty recyclables that are loaded into the back of George’s van so he can take them to the recycling center in Jackson the next day. 

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Give Your Customers A Break On The 14th

by Jas Faulkner 

cupid-valentines-day1 For those of you playing at home, I got to go to this rilly nifty sooper sekrit cabal of booksellers in Memphis a little while ago.  The main topic on the dias was the untold history of those who are charged with the care and feeding of visiting authors.  Chatter on the floor was all about the next big push: Valentines Day.  Some booksellers love it, especially those who either have a coffee shop or sell candy.  Others?  Not so much.

“Are you single?” asked one store owner from Kentucky.  I told him I was.

“How do I market so that people will come in on and around the 14th?  The month of February seems to be about people making a rare visit to get a gift and everyone else avoiding anything remotely heart-shaped.”

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A Guide To Books For Practicing The Crafts

by Jas Faulkner 

Oh, you thought I meant the crafts as in The Craft.


It’s October and frankly, writing about the Craft would be a bit too precious and  disrespectful to Wiccans and Pagans,  don’t you think?

I’m talking about crafts and crafters.    It’s a subject near and dear to my heart.  Given that the days of triple-digit killer heat seem to be over for a while and gift-giving season is upon us, maybe it’s time to give it some thought.  Those of you who sell books might want to think about crafts, too.

Inclement weather, snow days, and holidays are not too far off, which means potential buyers are going to scour the internet for craft ideas.  I understand the argument that  many people will stop at the hand full of  ideas they can find online.  In fact, I agree with it, to an extent.  That person is more than likely a casual crafter who may have a few finished projects, a half-dozen unfinished masterpieces, and a box of never opened craft supplies.  Odds are pretty good they’re not going to be buying craft books  from your store any time soon. They’re the grazers you’ll rarely if ever meet.  Let’s move on.

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